At Best & Best, with more than 50 years of experience in the construction industry in Mexico, we create personalized solutions for SIROC, through fiscal risk management, analysis of data, actuarial strategies and extensive legal and tax knowledge.

We stand out for offering tailored solutions through actuarial strategies innovative solutions and our intelligent know-how to optimize compliance with Social Security of works and subcontractors.

Our experts at SIROC are great strategic allies to ensure compliance with obligations to Social Security in Mexico.

Our services

Our Social Security and REPSE consultants provide various protection services to projects such as diagnosis, monitoring, audit, regularization and construction closures, can reduce omissions by up to 30%.

We provide a proactive approach, implementing Business Intelligence tools for a accurate risk measurement, providing valuable information with detailed analysis and strategic solutions to maximize project protection.

SIROC audit

We conduct this SIROC audit with an advanced actuarial approach, integrating Business Intelligence and innovative tools with our own know-how to analyze data, identify risks and optimize processes, ensuring exhaustive and efficient review, with strategic insights for decision-making informed compliance decisions. And if they present an opinion to the IMSS, we generate the layouts of the analytical schedules of projects and subcontractors without errors.

Correction Project Closing

This service offers the experience of our consultants in Insurance matters Social for construction, implementing effective actuarial strategies to reduce omissions to pay, ensure regulatory compliance and achieve successful conclusion of the projects before Social Security, preventing substantial estimates.

Financial Projection

Our SIROC experts accurately anticipate IMSS obligations to pay for both the project and the subcontracting, facilitating planning budgets with reliable data and realistic projections for outsourcing of phases.

project Comprehensive supervision

Surveillance offers next-level protection. Our experts with business intelligence and the group's own advanced technology, evaluate compliance continues simultaneously with SIROC and REPSE of the subcontractors and the project, control risks, implement measures preventive and timely protect the client from any tax contingency and financial for non-compliance.

Process reengineering

Our team offers all its experience and knowledge in tax matters, to carry out a thorough review of the internal processes related to SIROC, defining appropriate measures for the client to anticipate risks and carry optimal control.

Diagnosis to compliance

This strategic review of project compliance management offers a timely report with relevant risks that provide a clear view on the compliance with the IMSS for optimal and timely decision-making that avoids expensive closures.

Contingencies and reserves

Our experts carry out reliable analyzes of SIROC compliance, to identify risks and determine the necessary reserves to cover contingencies due to non-compliance of third parties, avoiding financial surprises in the closure of works.

SIROC Registration and declarations

At all times our specialists are ready to carry out a registration Strategic SIROC, prepare bimonthly SIROC statements, present incidents or give an optimal termination that prevents inspections.


Contractors and Subcontractors

Compliance with obligations before the Mexican Social Security Institute

The Comprehensive Construction Works Registration Service (SIROC) is a procedure mandatory for Contractors and Subcontractors, which is carried out through a system developed by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), so that employers of the Construction industry, digitally comply with the obligations established in the Social Security Law, Mandatory Social Security Regulations for Public Health Workers Construction by Work or Determined Time (RSSOTCOTD), and with what is established in the Agreement ACDO.SA2.HTCT.280617/148 issued by the IMSS Technical Council.
The SIROC came into force on September 1, 2017, replacing SATIC, and derived from the obligations relating to the REPSE, as of September 1, 2021, the SIROC was updated for the subcontracting of specialized works. For more details on SIROC, see SIROC

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