Best & Best Consulting Group with more than 50 years of experience is a firm committed and focused on Actuarial Consulting Services for REPSE and SIROC with Business Intelligence with the highest quality standards.

Day by day, we create new and better personalized services for timely compliance with the various provisions regarding Subcontracting and specialized Services, avoiding joint liability, fines and sanctions.

We have comprehensive and reliable customized solutions for REPSE and SIROC, the result of our extensive experience and knowledge in Social Security, Laws and Regulations, Process Restructuring, Data Analysis, Risk Assessment, Actuarial Strategies and our own advanced technology developed by the Group, so that our experts take the protection of our clients to the next level.


The Group


We constantly evolve to always be one step ahead of changes in fiscal and tax laws. To achieve this, we develop our own advanced technology and create customized and reliable solutions.


Become a reliable and committed Ally with our clients to provide timely tax protection against joint liability and the continuous tax changes related to REPSE and SIROC.



With Specialized Services that meet the highest standards of precision, transparency and legality.


Integrity and commitment make us who we are, people with clear and socially responsible values. Without it, it would be impossible to create reliable solutions.

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